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A business plan for a bank when issuing an investment loan - the main aspects of its assessment

A business plan for a bank when issuing an investment loan - the main aspects of its assessment

When issuing an investment (long-term) loan, the bank requires a business plan from the initiator.

What is the bank interested in in the business plan in the first place for making a decision on lending to the submitted business project?

The lender is interested, of course, in the period during which the business financed by him will be able to give him money. In conditions of high economic risks, when the financial market is not stable, it is important for the bank that the money be returned to it faster, especially if the interest rate the rate for it is relatively low, and there are alternative ways for it to earn money on free liquidity (the same foreign exchange market).

First of all, what the bank pays attention to is:

Payback is directly carried out at the expense of a clean cache; this is net profit + depreciation, which is the total net income of the organization for each period of its operation since the issuance of the investment loan. If a sufficient amount of net income is generated in the process of production and economic activity, then the business is able to repay the loan. BUT provided that the net cash flow calculation cache tends to increase without the dynamics of growth of debt obligations to other creditors, which confirms the increase in equity in business assets.

And the liquid value of the balance sheet is, in fact, the bank's collateral demanded by the market within the limits of the business's obligations to it.

The bank issues loans for investment projects not necessarily within the payback period of the investment project, which is calculated according to the business plan. The bank is just focusing on him. But the basic banking axiom is still in this context - "First return my money, and then earn it yourself."

Although a longer loan term determines a higher income for the bank, but still there are risks in this long-term for it (a drop in price competitiveness of the business being lent, inflation, geopolitics, etc.).

The reliability of the correct calculation of the economic part of the business plan is always subjected to a thorough analysis by the financial institution in order to make sure that the data provided is correct/correct in order to make an appropriate decision with minimal risks for the latter to return the money given to the business.

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