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"X's" in trading - what does this mean and what explains such growth in trading

It is not uncommon to hear the phrase in trading – made or earned two, three or more «x's ». What do X's mean in trading or how to understand the phrase to make X's.

X's in trading (trading in financial instruments) – this is the nth one-time increase in the cost of initial investments. We apply the term mainly to trading high-risk assets, which are characterized by high volatility (the variability of their value over a relatively short period of time).

For example, a month ago you bought an asset for $ 100, and today you sold it for $ 300. As a result, you made 3 X-a on this transaction.

Since relatively recently, it has been more common to hear about X-s in cryptotrading.

What can explain this growth?

There are many reasons (mostly of a fundamental nature), but there are three main ones:

1 - startups

Promising startups (ICOs) are often the reason for such growth, which, by selling their tokens, attract investments for their further development.

So, for example, in 2014, the digital coin ETH (Ethereum) was sold at $0.3, and in 2021 its price reached a historical maximum of $4.3 thousand (an increase of more than 14 thousand). times – 14 thousand«x's»).

2 - Laws

National, legislative changes in support of one or another asset, ensuring its involvement in the masses for the long term and giving socio-economic benefits to the state.

So to speak - from «dirt » to «princes ».

P.S.: In a good sense of the word.

3 – dollar inflation

One of the strong triggers for speculative, multiple growth, both of stock securities and crypts, can also be a cheap dollar, relative to which the value of the underlying asset is measured.

As the US monetary policy tightens, this trend may change the direction of the trend.

To make x's - what does it mean and what explains such growth in trading - Something like that!

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