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Why everyone needs a dollar – in a nutshell

Why everyone needs a dollar – in a nutshell

When you trade with someone in this big world, the one from whom you buy something asks for American dollars for their products.

And why not the monetary unit of your country. Is it logical !?

Yes, simply because he does not need so much of his monetary unit for his needs. But the dollar is needed , because for it he can buy in other countries what he does not have.

And why do other countries ask for a dollar for their products?

Yes, because, like the first, they need to cover their needs more at the expense of other countries, which also need the dollar .

That is, due to the diversification of the commodity portfolio of each country, there is a need to buy from others what the first ones don't have. Some have grain, others have cars, others have fertilizer, oil, etc., etc.

why does everyone need a dollar - due to which demand is calculated

This is because in the world the main commodity flow goes through the manufacturing giant USA, which we take for our products, as you know, not Mongolian tugriks. I.e. countries need more of that currency, for which it can cover its commodity deficit more, and it is mainly covered by America's GDP. Hence the demand for the dollar.

Even the same China and India today are largely dependent on its commodity flows to ensure their production:

why does everyone need the dollar - the structure of world GDP

And this situation could change if a country that wants to "get away" from green could ensure self-sufficiency in all commodity areas with its own production - without having to buy something from someone. I.e., everything that a country needs for complete happiness, she would be able to provide for herself: food, chemistry, energy, metallurgy, healthcare, construction, technology, etc., and potential for development.

Yes, yes ! - It is the potential to create, develop and multiply all this human resources and personnel.

And now it is clear – due to what the demand for this "unnecessary" green paper is generated.

Therefore, in order to get rid of this addiction "dollar the product", many states are making attempts to create certain trade alliances, implement import substitution programs (especially in conditions of considerable resource potential), etc.

Of course, you can do without a dollar! Simply, in terms of commodity dependence, if you do not develop and structure economics It is necessary to limit your appetites and certain desires for a luxurious life (cars, computers, programs, etc., which are not available in the country due to its own production).

And the American dollar is popular in those countries that are not so independent of it (and there are very few of them, so far, as can be seen), only due to the fact that today it is an excellent <ahref="/en/ekonomika/otlichie-investisii-ot-spekuliatsii" target="_blank" title="the difference between speculation and investment">speculative mechanism in the increase of capital against the background of global demand in this currency.

For the same reason, in conditions of increased risks in the global system, everyone goes into it.

Sometimes, even so they say so – « Investors have begun to withdraw all their assets into the US dollar», which is still a risk-free asset.

This implies that investors who previously invested their money either in stocks, bonds of any companies/ countries, crypto, or direct investments (buying a business in a certain country) begin to change all this into dollars (i.e. sell it all and buy up bucks), exerting demand for it and thereby increasing the its value.

This happens more often in conditions of certain geopolitical tensions (wars), natural disasters, and economic instability in other states.

That is, when there is a risk of losing their funds due to something bad, everyone goes to the dollar, because behind it are the states, whose currency provides the largest part of the world's commodity flows.

Therefore, in addition to the economic support of the dollar (a strong US economy), military power plays an important role for Americans, due to which they can safely warm up any military conflict anywhere in the world and create a precedent to strengthen the value of their currency.

Why does everyone need a dollar – in a nutshell – Something like That!

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