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Money received or earned - loans unsecured by the good

Money received or earned - loans unsecured by the good

In the monetary system of any state, there are two value systems on which it is based.

One is due to the fact that some of them multiply money due to natural economic processes based on market regulation - open a business, work, raise it or close it if it is unprofitable. And the other is based on their printing system, in which, no matter how the market situation develops, the losses generated (cash consumed) are covered by loans in order to continue their existence. I.e., life on credit. And loans that are not secured with benefits are printed money, which subsequently leads to bad processes (inflation and forced devaluation) at the global level of the economy of the entire state, where and from what, ultimately, suffer and those who earn them (the first) and those who just get them (the second).

If the share of the second prevails over the first in the system, then the "ball" will inevitably burst, but much faster and stronger.

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