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Domain name and website – how everything is connected

Domain name and website – how everything is connected

It doesn't matter which project you want to place on the network - informational, commercial, entertainment, it must somehow be recognized there, that is, have its own name.

The project, in this case, assumes one or more logically interconnected web pages built in the hypertext markup language (HTML - designed to create web pages).

Since all these HTML-based projects are transmitted from one node (computer) of the network to another using the http protocol (a method of forwarding web pages), the domain name acts as a kind of identifier for them.

In other words, to get a document registered on the Internet, you need to:

  • so that it is designed in the HTML structure
  • he had an identifying name – domain
  • availability of a browser that can read and display this HTML document
  • and network-to-network exchange access via http protocol (network settings)

When we open a website in the browser, this implies entering a domain name into its address bar, after which all information from the servers (DNS and hosting, where it is located and assigned to the name of each domain) about this project is transmitted to it via http protocol.

All network domains are hosted on domain name Servers (DNS). On each such server there are many registered domain names that are linked by IP to different servers (hosting), where their projects (sites) are already directly hosted.

P.S.: information storage server (special computer).

P.S.: IP is a unique numeric identifier of a specific device in a computer network

Therefore, sometimes, some interpret the domain as a website. Although the domain is just the name of the project that is assigned to it.

How the browser, domain name server and hosting interact when issuing information over http protocol

That is, the browser, using the http protocol, accesses the domain name server (DNS) and tells it which site to find according to the domain entered in the address bar. DNS, in turn, finds this domain in its database and determines to which IP of the server (hosting the server where the projects are directly hosted) it belongs. After that, the browser accesses directly to this server, which in turn finds the specified domain in its database and issues the requested information to it.

Domain name and website – how everything is connected - Somehow so!

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Если у вас есть какая-либо потребность в решении определённой задачи, связанной с созданием, запуском, ремонтом и поддержкой своего интернет-проекта (сайта) в сети, или же экономическим анализом и бизнес-планированием коммерческой деятельности   telegram или форма обратной связи


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