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Internet business – advantages and challenges. The role of the site and search engines in it.

Internet business – advantages and challenges. The role of the site and search engines in it.

Internet business – as corny as it sounds, but it is a business on the Internet.

The business itself assumes a certain type of activity in order to make a profit.

A distinctive feature of its access to the Internet is that it is carried out using certain Internet technologies.

One of the key advantages of such a business is the ability to carry out the trading process online, where almost the entire solvent audience of the globe is located today.

Try to ask yourself a question. – I want to buy…, well, for example, a TV?

That is, the goal is defined.

Now, as a consumer, what tasks should you solve in order to implement it? What should you define for yourself:

  • Model
  • Ergonomics
  • Quality
  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Delivery
  • Guarantees

It is unlikely that today, to solve their needs, someone will go to the nearest home appliance store and try to solve these problems directly from the assortment line that will be presented there.

With a greater degree of probability, in today's realities, you will try to solve them using the Internet. And eventually you will solve them there and acquire it. Unless, of course, you are a complete, out-of-touch philistine.

It is today that the construction of any business is focused on solving similar problems and attracting any potential buyer (lead) to your product in a similar way.

Separately, we will also highlight the fact that the transfer of offline business to the network will immediately remove the burden of permanent rent and some other expenses, which is also relevant from an economic point of view.

Now, let's try to determine - what is the basis for creating or transferring your business to the network?

Right! - Internet resource or website, mobile application.

Everything else will be determined by his:

  • Usability (user-friendliness of the resource)
  • Functionality
  • Download speed
  • SEO and marketing promotion

These are the key factors that will determine the success of your Internet business, especially in a highly competitive environment.

All these things, which may not be completely clear to some audience, solve the following tasks for a potential consumer:

  • Finding the necessary products, both for low- and high-frequency, and low- and highly competitive requests
  • Comprehensive product positioning (media – graphics, video)
  • Easy perceptibility of information (design)
  • Speed of solving tasks (filters and download speed)
  • Transaction execution service (from payment from receipt of goods)

All this boils down to the fact that the lead (buyer) must solve all his questions to the maximum on the side of the Internet resource (site).

Internet business is directly identified with your online project. And its construction must necessarily be focused on the future. This is even embedded in the search algorithms of such giants as Yandex and Google, and probably not easy.

selection of high-quality sites by the search engine

All Internet projects (sites) are under the "wing" of the key search engines of the network, which rank a particular product depending on their quality, public benefit and even age. It is the search networks that today work for the target audience of your business and it is they who more often set their own rules for it.

The search query is the basis of what Yandex and Google software algorithms have been working on for many years, selecting relevant information from their databases for them, based on targeting, as well as its quality and authority.

Recently, social networks have become more active in building similar algorithms, but frankly, this is not a profile activity for them. They are far from what Yandex and Google have already invested in solving these problems.

It is unlikely that your business will be found by direct calls.

Today, search engines, as monopolists of these "entrance gates" to the online, act as a kind of "arbiter" to determine the quality of your business represented by your site.

For today's consumer, the promptness and contactlessness of the transaction is important, which in fact should be solved by a resource that represents a business of any form (from small to large) on the network.

Therefore, it is certain Internet technologies, which we will discuss in more detail in the following posts, that should solve these problems.

Internet business – advantages and challenges. The role of the site and search engines in it is something like that!

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