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Online calculation - cost calculator


Calculator cost - economic and mathematical model of online unit calculation, summary calculation and cost analysis, profit estimates for all types of multi-nomenclature activities.

When using a costly pricing mechanism, this calculator allows you to calculate an economically acceptable price level for a business for each type of product/service based on its cost.

Access code to the DEMO version of the calculator: demo

  • the cost of a unit of production/service for any areas of production activity according to the generally accepted classical form and structure based on the specified initial data/parameters
  • cost estimates for each type of product for the analyzed period
  • cost structure by areas and types of costs (direct/indirect/variable/constant), profitability, profitability, marginality and value added, both per unit of production and its volume
  • the break-even point for each type of product/service, as well as the break-even level for the activity as a whole
  • total cost estimates by types, cost directions and economic elements
  • total demand for raw materials/material, energy, labor resources in kind and monetary terms
  • economic result of activity per unit for each type of product/service
  • total economic result of activity on the volume of output by type of products/services
  • sensitivity of the project to changes in any of its initial parameters (price, volume, exchange rates, cost of depreciable objects, their service life, taxes, etc.)

  • to any business entities who promptly want to solve the issues of determining/calculating the cost of their products/services, its price, profitability and economic feasibility of activities, entering the business
  • for students and students who want to understand the intricacies of calculating and constructing cost calculations, even on the basis of any virtual ideas and proposals, which can serve as an excellent analytical basis for project work

  • Unlimited number of added commodities, the cost of forming items, raw materials, energy resources, labor resources, depreciable objects, taxes, other costs, on the basis of which the cost calculation and economic analysis of activities are done
  • Proportional distribution of indirect costs when calculating the cost is possible on different bases:
    • output volume in sales prices
    • the normalized cost of raw materials and materials
    • the normalized cost of energy resources
    • the normalized cost of labor resources
    • direct variable costs
    • total direct costs
  • Maximum simplicity and efficiency in calculations based on the classical and generally accepted scheme of cost formation
  • Dynamic relationship between the source data block and the direct and indirect costs/costs filling block.
    Changing the initial parameters automatically changes the associated data in the model
  • Multicurrency calculation.The filling of the initial data and calculations provide for the choice of those currencies in which the costs are carried out, the receipt of revenue for the analyzed period.
    By changing the exchange rates, you can make payments in different currencies according to the same scenario/variant of the project
  • The ability to save calculation options in the browser's local storage.
    Due to this option, it is possible to calculate many scenarios/calculation options within one project. This makes it possible to analyze the sensitivity of the activity to the source data by making multi-scenario calculations
  • Rationing of labor by types of products according to the piecework system of payment of labor costs
  • Plan the total demand for raw materials/materials, energy resources, labor based on the planned volume of output of products/services and their costs
  • If necessary, graphical support for calculations – graphs, diagrams
  • The ability to save calculated calculations and other resulting tables in the graphic format png and xls for further analysis within the framework of other individual works

  • The absence of a semi-finished cost accounting method.
    That is, if it is necessary to include the cost of one product in the cost of another, it is necessary to decompose the costs of the first product to the source elements of external suppliers (the source data block).
    This version of the calculator assumes a cost accounting method.
  • The distribution of direct fixed costs, if this needs to be done, is not done automatically based on the distribution base, but by a direct method (by the user himself).
    In this case (if it causes certain difficulties in accounting), it is more expedient to attribute all such costs to indirect ones, which are distributed automatically by choice, in proportion to the distribution bases established in the model (revenue, normalized raw materials, energy, etc.).
  • A one-page approach to solving a time-consuming task with a large number of specified commodity items will require a sufficiently powerful (processor /RAM) service device (gadget), especially if you supplement the calculations with the option - graphs and diagrams (rendering a large amount of graphic material will require a large amount of system resource after all)
  • The saved scenarios/calculation options are stored only in the browser in which the calculation is performed.
    This version of the calculator does not provide for storing calculation options in an external database. Therefore, by logging into the calculator from another browser, there will be no access to the saved scripts/options

The DEMO version only gives an understanding of how the calculator works, i.e. the very principle of what to enter and in what form the result will be obtained.
The calculated data in the demo version does not correspond to the real ones based on the initial parameters.
DEMO version access code: demo

Example of cost calculation ›››

Cost calculation by type of products/services and analysis of economic results

example of cost calculation + analysis of the economic result

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Access to the calculation part of the calculator via an ACCESS CODE

settlements with money 12.69 BYN (3.99 $)

(validity period for the paid access code - 30 days)

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