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Interview of the President of the Russian Federation to American journalist Tucker Carlson – regarding the reorientation of the Russian Federation to the Chinese market and the transition from the dollar to the yuan

I watched the interview of the President of the Russian Federation to American journalist Tucker Carlson.

In general, it seemed that everything was reasoned and to the point.

I just didn't quite understand about such a stunning trend with the increase in trade turnover with China over the past year.

The reorientation to the Chinese market undoubtedly contributed to the growth of monetary settlements in the Russian Federation in Chinese yuan (from 3% to 30%), due to which the dollar share naturally decreased.

But we must understand that with the existing global balance of consumption of tangible and intangible goods, their total value does not change significantly from year to year. China, for example, does not need to buy more goods/services than they used to buy, nor do the Indians (even with their highest annual GDP growth rate in the world of up to 5%). China simply cannot digest all the surpluses acquired in the Russian Federation with its economy.

But on the other hand, there are those in the world who refused the Russian product and, accordingly, are looking for how to compensate for this need through other sources / channels.

Of course, there are no such statistics, therefore, I assume that China and India simply resell everything that Russia used to sell directly to other countries. Accordingly, the Russian Federation, after all, is not quite economically profitable for such a scenario and, due to the circumstances, it is necessary to simply sell its products at a discount in order to maintain a competitive price for trading the latter.

That is, for the eastern partners of the campaign, it is also an additional income - a purely speculative mechanism works: some lose, others earn on it.

And those who buy these surpluses from China and India (USA and Europe), well, they certainly do not pay with yuan and rupees for this, which supports the overall global balance according to dollar and euro. Therefore, it seems a little early to think about a drop in dollar liquidity in the world.

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