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A MARKER is an important feature in proper SEO website promotion

Constantly monitoring the effectiveness of my pages in search results, I noticed one pattern and decided to share it with you, maybe it would be useful for someone to find out.

If you suddenly decide to get your own website or you already have one, but you don't really understand how to promote it (in terms of building a semantic core, etc.), always follow this simple rule when creating its pages.

Each page of the site must contain html elements (meta tags/tags) that require filling with certain content to determine its target orientation: title, description and h1.

So, in each title,description and h1 of all pages, try to prescribe a MARKER for the subject of your site.

A MARKER is a word or phrase that defines the thematic concept of your resource/the site, according to which it is ranked by search engines.

For example, the theme of the site is PIES:

The main old woman is Grandma's pies

Category - Pies with potatoes

Category page - Pie with potatoes – small

Layout by meta tags/tags:

Home page:

<title>Grandma's pies</title>

<meta name="description" content="Fresh pies from grandma in Moscow with delivery" />

<h1>Grandma's pies in Moscow </h1>


<title>Pies with potatoes

<meta name="description" content="Pies with potatoes - a large assortment " />

<h1>Pies with potatoes

Page 1:

<title>Pie with potatoes - small</title>

<meta name="description" content=" Pie with small potatoes - not expensive and fast to buy " / >

<h1>Pie with small potatoes

Page 2:

<title>Pie with potatoes - big</title>

<meta name="description" content="Pie with big potatoes - it's not expensive and fast to buy " />

<h1>Pie with big potatoes

If you want to use BUY PIES as a marker, then this phrase will have to be in the context of each tag/tag of the site page.

Stick to this approach, and it will have a positive effect on the search positions of the site pages in organic search results (i.e. from Yandex, Google, etc. search for relevant queries).

Although search algorithms are constantly changing, and Google, in general, everything is not like everyone else, but this pattern is always inherent for everyone.

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