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Why is the dollar cheaper in Belarus than in Russia

When analyzing search queries, I see a lot of phrases of this kind :

«Why dollar it is cheaper in Belarus than in Russia

In general, what is meant by the fact that the dollar in Belarus is cheaper than in Russia. How is this defined?

Probably, what is meant is why, as part of the latest devaluation, the Russian ruble has lost more to the dollar than the Belarusian one.

Well, I have already written about this here.

Do not delude yourself and think that this is because those are better than others.

The entire exchange rate policy is not based on the market today, because it does not exist in fact)

Everything is selected by local regulators in such a way, when forming the exchange rate of the national currency, in order to minimize budget losses (deficit) in their country and at the same time such a rate did not negatively (unprofitably) affect domestic business (those who, in fact, bring money to the treasury). In today's realities, there is a budget deficit in both Belarus and Russia.

In general, the fundamental thing in this whole game with courses is that due to its exchange rate policy, one state can slightly improve its economy by selling its goods/services to the second, even if it is a little more expensive (compared to the same China, for example). And no one is raising their hand to devaluation yet, which would quickly solve the issue of economic problems.

Devaluation, unfortunately, is inevitable, no matter how much we would like it, both in Russia and in Belarus. It will help the economies/budgets of the two countries breathe in a different way, albeit due to a drop in the solvency of the population, but only in comparison with other states.

Local goods/ values will not become more expensive, but foreign ones will. Therefore, if you do not look at imports, then there is nothing catastrophic. And if there is a lot of this imported product in the human consumption basket and it is impossible to shrink, then …?! But we don't have that). Moreover, import substitution programs are being implemented in full swing.

And now it's just that some are pulling the blanket a little bit from others, in terms of maintaining their economy and loyalty to those who are responsible for it.

At the same time, the regulator still should not forget that other friends are nearby - China and India with their open markets. The excessively high exchange rate of the Belarusian ruble against the Russian ruble may provoke the Russian Federation to look more closely towards the Chinese market.

But for now, Russians are loyal to their fellow men.

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