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Priorities will change soon - the transition from speculation to the real sector of the economy

In conditions of hidden inflation, when people "throw" surpluses of fiat (national currency) not into the market of the real sector of the economy (goods and services), which, in fact, restrains price growth today, the masses prevail to a greater extent speculative exchange-traded instruments (futures options, some types of crypts, etc.).

And vice versa, when there is less money in the system, the real sector comes out on top - production and investment in it. In such conditions, there will simply not be enough money to invest in speculation. To eat and dress, in the conditions of limited liquidity, this is probably a priority the task for a person is to drive everything into the "air" and wait for the "exhaust"; due to another artificial pumping of money into the economy ).

So, now we are on the verge of moving from the first to the second, and this is already beginning to manifest itself clearly.

Today, everyone is taught to earn money in the crypt, AI and other intangible things. But, unfortunately, they do not provide a real product, but only improve the process of servicing it to some extent.

Over the past 5 years, everyone has massively switched and continues to switch to the first, forgetting about the second, which is the basis for the creation and development of any economics.

For example, you can't find a good turner today, but there are plenty of other professions.

All this means that there is no need to delude ourselves that such dynamics will continue.

Everything is new, well-forgotten old – a natural spiraling economic process.

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