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Is it worth chasing high-frequency queries when promoting a website

I noticed one pattern when promoting the site in search engines !

When creating your own pages, it is important not to aim for a lot of traffic using high-frequency keys. Let it be better to have a low-frequency key on the page, but the behavioral factor (PF) for it is high (client expectations will be 100% consistent with what he wants to receive).

This can give more bonuses than the HF display, but with high negative PF indicators (failures on the page for less than 15 seconds, viewing depth, total time on the site). In the near future, there will be a decrease in the position in search results for such pages, due to the same falling PF. Although the quality of the content on them in comparison with competitors can be much higher!

Search engine algorithms have not yet learned to distinguish this.

Подписывайтесь на мой телеграмм канал - Мои заметки - ЭКОНОМИКА +

Если у вас есть какая-либо потребность в решении определённой задачи, связанной с созданием, запуском, ремонтом и поддержкой своего интернет-проекта (сайта) в сети, или же экономическим анализом и бизнес-планированием коммерческой деятельности   telegram или форма обратной связи


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