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Belpochta Svetlogorsk is a modern «service» only in words!

Belpochta Svetlogorsk is a modern «service» only in words!

What thoughts do you have when you need to use postal services. Well, for example, to send or receive a parcel.

no desire to go to belpost

We think there will be few people who will cordially respond to the organization of the service process in most post offices of Svetlogorsk.

And it's absolutely not about those people working at the post office, performing ordinary operator work for 400-500 BYN per month, without raising their heads and practically not leaving their window during the whole working day, in violation of all instructions of labor legislation.

And in whom or in what?

We will not localize this topic too much at the Svetlogorsk level. We think within our blue-eyed  everything is similar and blame it …… Not to blame?

Today is the 21st century, the volume of mail has grown significantly (compared to those post-Soviet times) and continues to grow with the gaining momentum of online commerce. And this is a natural and normal process of today, which gives significant advantages to society.

But it is not normal that today the higher-level management system of this facility (Belpochta) is completely helpless or incompetent in matters of optimizing processes and improving the service of providing postal services to the population.

What is it expressed in?!

And the fact is that today Belpochta is both a store, and a receiver of payment for utilities, and fines, and a point for issuing pensions, etc., and so, from the edge, the POST OFFICE. And this whole portfolio of services creates inhuman conditions for people who are forced to use them.

long queues at the post office in Svetlogorsk

long queues on post office in Svetlogorsk -1

If you go there to receive a parcel or send it, you will stand for an hour or two, and at best you will get out of there without a CROWN.

exit from mail with a crown and a virus

There are 3 operating windows and only one of them performs what it was created for in general - mail services.

Some grandparents, wanting to pay off their debts for an apartment as soon as possible, do not even mind taking a nap in the same department, realizing that it will not be fast. And no one thinks about the epidemiological situation here. Why all this circus!?

pensioner fell asleep in queues

And here comes the logical question !

Is it possible that today, at the national level, the existing modern methods of automating settlement processes cannot solve the issues of payment for utilities on the client's side, as well as the issuance of mail through alternative points?

Or fine – for grandparents.

Is it really not enough cash and settlement centers (former bank branches) in the city, where you can also accept payments and unload this Belpost, where everything that is possible and not possible has been unloaded today, with all sorts of payments and pensions?

It is necessary to increase the profitability of your farm due to the quality of your specialized services (postal), and not administratively imposed by someone, "profitable" communal services!

Banks have introduced a commission on payments and everything is sent to the post office on the run ! Because banks are thinking about the commercial benefits of their activities, and mail is about PEOPLE!

And why not do this:

  • For all registered pensioners, organize the acceptance of payments for utilities directly from the pension fund on bills issued by the housing and communal services, linking two databases with the implementation of monetary offsets for pension and utility obligations. Payments are mandatory – why give and then take away.
    It is clear that this is not taught at the Gorky Academy, but there is a high-tech park!
  • To encourage the population to self-service using online payment means by entering substantial fees for payment through the "window". Well, it's not sad, for most of the population, it's still necessary to study, given that all interfaces of modern programs are now being made as simple and convenient as possible (the same info kiosk, Internet services of almost all banks).
    It's just that some people don't even have an elementary desire to strive for this, but THEY SHOULD!
  • To provide a separate room for the provision of postal services for the category of customers who do not need to interact with the operator at all, except to confirm their identity. There are enough empty squares in the city where you can organize MAIL separately without any pandemonium.
  • To do, for example, at the software level, a comparison of the passport identifier with the parcel identifier via bluetooth and wifi connection. A person approached the parcel delivery system, attached his passport or a unique identifier, the system counted him. If there is a shipment in the postal database for this number, issue it.

And perhaps, having even implemented something similar, it would be nice to just go to the post office, as in the good old days - to look at stamps, look through a magazine in a nice binding, especially for elderly people.

It is outraged that even those organizational issues that could now be solved in this direction, only at the expense of administrative resources (through the usual organizational permutations) – ARE NOT SOLVED.

Or maybe the administrative resource should be changed first!?

It is clear that everything related to the automation of processes is not as simple as in words! But who in our system, at least tries to implement these mechanisms or thinks about it.

We are 100% sure that when introducing into the life of society technologies blockchain, aimed at optimizing all monetary and settlement relations between various entities, solving issues of this nature will be fully translated and implemented on the basis of smart contracts.

The only shame is that with today's management system, when this happens, it will be somewhere, only after Zimbabwe or Djibouti.

For the entire existence of the Svetlogorsk post office, the only positive thing that can be highlighted is that after all:

  • a tracking system for processing domestic and international mail has appeared at the national level, which is certainly convenient for people
  • an electronic queue has appeared in some branches, but the essence of the problem is not decisive
  • the list of services provided has expanded, but again to link to one "window"
  • the office appearance of the serviced premises has been transformed for the better

Belpochta Svetlogorsk – modern «service» only in words! - Something like that!

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