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COVID-19 visited secondary school No. 12 of the city of Svetlogorsk - how the authorities react

COVID-19 visited secondary school No. 12 of the city of Svetlogorsk - how the authorities react

According to confirmed information, during the past two weeks, cases of infection with the infectious disease COVID - 19 have been detected in some elementary school students of secondary school No. 12 in the city of Svetlogorsk.

A week later, in the nearby preschool Child Development Center No. 1, a similar situation is observed.

Due to the gaining momentum of the second wave of coronavirus and the events that occur in these children's institutions, the Department of Education of Svetlogorsk did not even bother to establish a mask regime and other restrictive measures for visiting these educational institutions, including the movement of the children themselves. Quarantine was introduced only in two lower grades of secondary school No. 12, and for some reason the city administration did not see any danger for the others.

In kindergarten No. 1, only a mask mode was installed, and even then not for everyone. In addition, some parents and children whose family has been diagnosed with coronavirus continue to attend kindergarten. Regarding other public institutions of the city, there is no information on the epidemiological situation, most likely due to the conspiratorial approach to this issue by higher-ranking officials of the state.

It feels like the entire teaching staff has been recruited regarding "wordplay" on this topic.

How much it doesn't matter looks in the face of society. Does the one who is responsible for the education system really not understand that if this infection tends to spread, then it can spread from small to large and so on, and the consequences can be more extensive. God forbid, of course. Where are the statistics on the morbidity of the city ?

There is a plan, but there is life and people. They have already planned for the elections, which still cannot be sorted out.

Who will be responsible for the lack of adequacy in addressing these issues?

It's not hard to guess why this is happening.

how the Svetlogorsk Education Department plans the educational process during the coronavirus

Normally, in the current situation, quarantine should be introduced with the transfer of all children of school and preschool age to a distance learning system, at least for the duration of quarantine, which is typical for normal civilized countries. As, for example, for the same Russia.

It would seem that there is nothing difficult in making such a decision, however:

  • 1 - Quarantine will lead to the transfer to the disabled "channel" of a significant part of the able-bodied population (parents), who will need to pay sick leave. The Social Security Fund is already bursting at the seams, and then there's quarantine.  
  • 2 - The Ministry of Education, if I may say so, is a "semi-commercial" structure and an extra downtime is fraught with certain financial losses.
  • 3 - Which of the IT companies will now accept a state order to provide an online learning system in Belarus?  

Everything ultimately boils down to the fact that the state system is not prepared for such challenges. There are no reserve funds in our country to solve, at least, social issues. And this is despite the fact that there used to be an opportunity to make money on the Russian oil and gas margin and create them.

And naturally, in order not to undermine its political interests in the first place, the system will always put human security on the back burner.

COVID-19 visited secondary school No. 12 of the city of Svetlogorsk - how the authorities react - Something like that.

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