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Svetlogorska rowing base-pomoya or lucshee place between the cinema hall of horomok and trilerov

Svetlogorska rowing base-pomoya or lucshee place between the cinema hall of horomok and trilerov

What was once revived by someone in the city of Svetlogorsk, developed and brought sports results of an international level, or rather the infrastructure of one of the advanced sports facilities of that time on the basis of DYuSSh 4, has now turned into a garbage dump. In the literal sense of the word.

The 90s – no internet, no android and nothing like that from the sphere of what has actively entered into the daily life of every person and especially young people. Well, it seems to us that this is not a reason for such landscapes to be dotted in the city center.

rowing base DYuSSh 4 - 1
rowing base of DYuSSh 4 - 2

Previously, young people did not have to be forced to do anything useful, they themselves were attracted to this by the atmosphere, infrastructure, collective spirit and the desire for what people once created who lived not for their official position, but for the idea and desire to bring certain sporting achievements and a healthy lifestyle to society. Alexander Dubin, Anatoly Boshmakov, Alexander Belikov, Igor Hulup and many others from that generation.

The 1990s-2000s were the best period of development of the rowing school in Svetlogorsk on the basis of DYUSD 4. Regular training on the rowing channel, competitions at the national and international level and the results achieved by the pupils of this institution confidently supported the authority of the entire coaching staff, who put their soul into their work on the rowing channel.

All the elings worked, each ward had his own boat, which they themselves serviced. Daily workouts 10 to 50 m or 5 to 2 km. The distance to the famous kilometer cutoff at that time, or as some said, "burbolka".

In winter, the general physical training of the younger generation and those who at that time had already reached certain sporting heights was actively held at the rowing base of the building of the "old" 1st school. There was a rowing pool, a sauna, various fitness equipment, tennis and much more.

And now it's like this.

rowing base DYuSSh 4 - 3
rowing base of DYuSSh 4 - 4
rowing base of DYuSSh 4 - 5
rowing base of DYuSSh 4 - 6
rowing base of DYuSSh 4 - 7

No comments.

But today young people can fully realize themselves against the background of what this object gives them. Extreme walking without insurance on the pitched roof of the "old" school No. 1, which without any doubt is in disrepair.

rowing base DYuSSh 4 - 8
rowing base of DYuSSh 4 - 9

And on the overgrown rowing channel, it's not bad to hold cultural events with a guitar or something else.

rowing base DYuSSh 4 - 10

It's a shame that it's visible.

Probably the best use of these locations today is renting them out for filming horror and thriller genres. Modern cinema could definitely envy such places.

The rowing base of Svetlogorsk is something like that.

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