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Where are you going ! or where to have fun in the winter Svetlogorsk

Where are you going ! or where to have fun in the winter Svetlogorsk

Winter with snow is a wonderful time of the year, especially when it is not so often lately that you can see and feel this state of nature.

We remember those 90s -2000s, when buying skis or skates, you know for sure that they will work 100% during the season. Today is not the time when winter can be so pampered, and the infrastructure of Svetlogorsk, designed for these purposes, wants to be the best.

And here it is, the first and long-awaited snow.

Let's try to estimate how much it is possible to sell your winter equipment in Svetlogorsk today.

The key here is the infrastructure and organization of the process.

Well, since there is no organization, we use the infrastructure that nature itself creates.

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk

Where are you going ! – children are shouting to cars, crossing the roadway, going to the snow slide of the 6th microdistrict.

You can understand, children want to have fun, but from the outside it looks somehow discouraging and frankly unsafe!

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk -1

It is unlikely that anyone will "sweat" from the authorities about the comfort and safety of this short-term leisure.

Therefore, after all, parents should understand where their children are having fun and not rely on the fact that tomorrow something will be done for these purposes by local authorities.

dislike of local government

In the area of the CCC sports complex, the workers themselves, leading a healthy lifestyle, decided to take advantage of the gift of winter by organizing a ski trail, which looks rosy against the background of the forest, snow and this sporting event, especially when you go with children and they see it.

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk - 3

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk - 4

Where are you going! – a man on skis shouts to a random passerby who wandered into his «roadway ».

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk - 5

Again, there is no infrastructure. Even for pedestrians, even in a flattering array - "they are walking" right on the ski track, not realizing that people were running it for noble intentions and not only their own.

The people do not understand, and in principle they should not understand the unfurnished forest area, it is the same for everyone, someone just walks through it, someone runs on skis.

where to have fun in winter svetlogorets - 5-1

It seems to us that installing a temporary tape fence is not such a difficult task for local authorities. Thus, we could put a check mark on ourselves and announce this route, for example, ski track 2021 for everyone in the city.

dislike of local government

The former park of culture and recreation is the usual beautiful winter time. Infrastructure donated by nature. And thanks for that.

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk - 6

like for local government

Stadium «Chemist» - turn out the lights. An energy saving program is being implemented. There is only a watchman at the facility.

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk stadium Chemist - 7

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk stadium Chemist - 8

dislike of local government

But the administration of the 12th school of the 6th microdistrict decided to take care of the leisure of its wards, and not only them, by organizing, albeit small in area, but a full-fledged ice rink, which may in the next two months serve as a good help for the fun time of the younger youth.

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk - 9

where to have fun in winter Svetlogorsk - 10

like for local government

In general, objectively assessing the situation, unfortunately, there are more minuses than pluses in the organization of winter leisure on the part of the local authorities, especially for children and adolescents.

In conclusion, I would like to note that seeing how the winter leisure of citizens is organized, the city administration should not only refer to the normative legal acts of the rules of safe behavior indicating measures of administrative responsibility (near the railway tracks), but focus more on creating civilized conditions for comfortable rest in winter and in first of all , for the residents of our city !

The opinion of the people is interesting!

Where are you going ! or where to have fun in the winter Svetlogorsk ! – Something like that!

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