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Protection plus from the store "5 ELEMENT": what we pay for or how to return the money to Svetlogorsk

Protection plus from the store

Probably, every Svetlogorets, and any other inhabitant of our blue-eyed, who dealt with the purchase of any product in the chain of stores "5 ELEMENT" (especially expensive equipment) faced a situation of unobtrusive sniffing with a trailer of such a very "necessary" service as an additional guarantee or PROTECTION PLUS.

The situation is common, but the pleasure, let's say, is not the cheapest. For example, buying a refrigerator with a total cost of 3 000 rubles. the cost of the service under the Program "Protection + 3" will be about 400 rubles (13%).

Is it worth it, this overpayment? - we explain in simple terms.

Of course, the contract itself, before buying the so-called "Protection +" program (for individuals), the buyer hardly reads (the contract of the public offer is published on the official website). And it's not so easy to find it on the site, taking into account the existing navigation system (try to find it, even by entering a relevant key query in the Yandex or Google search engine of the type "PROTECTION CONTRACT PLUS ELEMENT 5"). Therefore, in fact, all the buyer's beliefs about the correctness of the choice made are built purely from the words of the seller.

The essence of the service is PROTECTION PLUS - what we pay for

If you start to carefully read the contract itself (the wording is constantly changing), then with each line you plunge into the atmosphere of some special care and legitimacy of the "5th ELEMENT" in relation to your customers.

So, the general essence of this service on the part of the store «5 ELEMENT » boils down to the fact that for a certain period (the manufacturer's warranty period + the period under the Program «Protection +») from the moment of purchase of any equipment, the following cases of elimination of defects and after-sales service on the part of the Contractor apply to it:

In the 1st period of the validity of the Program «Protection +» - from the moment of purchase of the product until the end of the manufacturer's warranty period for such a Product (usually from 1 year to 3 years):

  • due to a voltage drop in the mains.
    In this case, it is necessary to understand that voltage surges do not always immediately lead to equipment failure, but rather contribute to rapid wear and a sharp reduction in the operational period. Therefore, when the equipment fails for this reason, it will not necessarily be a statement of this fact
  • due to use outside of everyday life (but for the intended purpose).
    It's called, understand how you want
  • elimination of Product defects caused by insects, rodents and (or) products of their vital activity entering the Product.
    I mean, probably, to wash or clean the equipment, or … guess for yourself – specifically what are the disadvantages that have arisen as a result of this? But nevertheless.
  • one-time elimination of defects caused by mechanical action or ingestion of foreign substances, liquids (except fungi and mold), except in cases of intentional damage to the Goods. At the same time, the deficiencies are eliminated within 12 months from the date of purchase of the program "Protection +".
    Ambiguous interpretation. And who can prove this unintentional. Everything is strictly at the discretion of the Performer

In the 2nd period of the validity of the Program, "Protection +" - begins from the next calendar day from the end of the warranty period for the Product (i.e. after the first period) and is valid for the number of years that is set by the Program purchased by the Client «Protection +»

This period is characterized not by troubleshooting, but only by maintenance related to this kind of services:

  • Testing
  • Measurement
  • Adjustment,
  • Checking
  • Consultation, etc.

Catch the essence!

That is, when the manufacturer's warranty is valid, that there is a 1st period of the Program's validity period "Protection +", there is still where it did not go. But in this case , the main manufacturer 's warranty applies ! - And why … then this PROTECTION «5 ELEMENT » is needed (well, if only a voltage surge, and even then it's not a fact that it will immediately affect the performance of the equipment, and what is the probability).

But then, when these magic numbers +1,+2,+3 of the "PROTECTION" itself come into operation (the 2nd period of the validity of the Program "Protection +"), then this is already "pure water". consulting services, as it seemed to us from the interpretation of the contract itself. How skillfully they "sewed" everything under the term SERVICE.

One thing can be said that the program "Protection +" from the store "5 ELEMENT" is just a simple marketing ploy that allows you to increase the profitability of your business with minimal costs.

When buying goods, warranty cases are not specified (everything is blurred in the context of the contract itself), but when it occurs, the Contractor will audit each word with a statement of the fact that this case falls under yours, more based on their interests, and not the latter.

How to get money back

But not everything is so bad for the buyer, who after the purchase still decided – «And it was necessary for him in general to additionally pay for what, in fact, is included in the main warranty of the manufacturer of the goods. I will not break it myself (and PROTECTION + will not help from this), but if something goes wrong in the work, you can return it under the basic warranty.

In this case, the buyer has the full right to terminate the contract and return the money under the Program "Protection +" from the store "ELEMENT 5" in accordance with Article 38-1 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus On Consumer Protection.

How does the law interpret the consumer's right to unilaterally refuse to execute a contract for the performance of work (provision of services):

law - 5 element refund protection +

Upon the fact of the incident (at one of the residents of Svetlogorsk) from the official response of CJSC PATIO to the demand for the refund of the entire amount of money paid under the Program Protection+ (with confirmation of the actual expenses incurred by the Contractor under this agreement, if any - within the framework of the above-mentioned Law), left in the book of suggestions and comments, the Performer ("ELEMENT 5") he referred only to the interpretation of his contract, justifying it as follows:

contract - 5 element refund for protection +

Although the Law still has great legal force, and not their contract. The Performer probably forgot about it. But, nevertheless, he was not afraid to point out the following, showing confidence in the legitimacy of his decision:

written response - 5 element refund for protection +

You could certainly try, but …. it was decided to leave it as it is, making only a note on our website for other buyers about their rights to refund their funds in similar situations.

As a result, the amount was refunded only for the unused period of the Program "Protection +". The period used, from the position of CJSC PATIO, is simply the number of calendar days that have passed, and not the period during which something has been rendered in fact over the past time. That's it, modern pricing!

Of course, everyone should decide for himself whether he needs this service or not. But it is quite possible, it is more expedient, to expand the list of warranty cases and greater reliability, to insure the purchased equipment directly in the insurance company (Belneftestras, Belgostras, etc.). And it will be cheaper!

Protection plus from ELEMENT 5: what we pay for or how to return the money to Svetlogorsk Somehow!

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Здравствуйте, Виталий.
Первое, что сделайте, отобразите Вашу претензию, жалобу, пожелание в их книге жалоб и предложений (там, где приобретали эту услугу).
Они вам обязаны официально обосновать свой отказ, ссылаясь на правовые нормы и действующее законодательство.
Договор вы явно при заключении этой услуги не читали, что свойственно для всех «пострадавших» от этого, или особо не вникали в его суть (если и читали), а решение принималось только исходя из словесных убеждений заинтересованной в этом стороны. Хоть там даже и прописано, что не вернут деньги (потому что … ), но есть аргументы по вводу в заблуждение и закон имеющий большую юридическую силу, в данном случае.
Далее, по результатам ответа, можно обращаться в суд, ссылаясь на статью 38-1 Закона РБ «О защите прав потребителей».
Если хотите решать вопрос до конца, то алгоритм приблизительно такой.
При покупке бытовой техники в 5Элементе , на довольно внушительную сумму 1 декабря 2022 года, мне было ,,неназойливо,, предложено оформить подписку на ТВ сервис ivi и iтв за 750 рублей на три года . От подписки , в которой фильм 30 летней давности , предлагают посмотреть за дополнительные 3 рубля , было решено отказаться. С этим вопросом через 36 календарных дней , я обратился в отдел по работе с клиентами 5 Элемента . Выяснилось , что от оставшихся 35 месяцев , я отказаться не могу . И деньги , которые фактически являются предоплатой за услугу в которой я уже не нуждаюсь , мне возвращать ни кто не собирается. При этом замечу, что никакой информации о том , что отказаться от подписки возможно только в течении первых 30 дней мне ни кто не доводил. По моему мнению, на лицо факт введения потребителя в заблуждение и навязывание услуг. Хотя специалисты из этой торговой сети со мной не согласны. Ссылаются на то, что они всего лишь продавцы ключей и возвращать деньги законодательство РБ их не обязывает. Что, по моему мнению, является абсурдом. Помогите, пожалуйста, разобраться в ситуации. Неужели в нашем законодательстве нет управы на этих, продавцов ключей, с ограниченной ответственностью.

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