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Personal assistance in solving problemseconomics and WEB development
+ WEB = Laravel + Vue + Inertia + Tailwind !

About me

About me

Personal website of an economist and web developer

A few words about me

FULL name: Mikhalenko Ruslan Leonidovich

Education: higher education (continuous learning and improvement)

Occupation: entrepreneur, economist, web developer

Interests: creation, personal growth, development of useful web tools, investing, personal assistance in solving problems of economics, finance and the web

Competencies: economics + web (programming languages and technologies - Full Stack developer)

All content on the site is self-produced, based on my experience and certain professional skills.

If you have any need to solve a specific task related to economics, finance or web development telegram or feedback form

Mission and goals

Development and assistance to others in this - to learn some complex and unexplored processes in the world of economics and finance, as well as to solve problems that contribute to improving the quality of society and business, by means of the WEB

Main goal:

  • improving financial and economic literacy in a simple and accessible form
  • local solution of the most urgent problems of economics and finance using single page application (single-page applications)
  • personal assistance in economics and web development

Specialization and experience

More than 20 years of work as an economist at one of the largest enterprises of the Republic of Belarus. Initial qualification/specialization – economist-manager, banking.

Extensive experience in the field of high-quality business planning of investment projects and everything related to it - current analysis of economics, finance, short- and long-term forecast of commercial activity, accounting.

According to the share of his former service, economic and mathematical modeling has always encouraged constant self-development and the search for interesting approaches to solve certain problems. Constantly working with a large volume of accounting and statistical information and delving into all the subtleties of all these processes, I have formed a good form of analytical thinking.

Since 2010, I have been interested in and mastering certain web technologies, since products based on them have a special acutality.

In this area, I am currently working only for myself and for myself, at the level of self-development - education and internal motives to achieve certain goals. From the official training in this direction - in 2014, retraining at BSU under the program "web design programming.

The web development industry is quite extensive and dynamic. Every year something changes, new technologies come, ways to solve problems, including those aimed at optimizing the development process and requiring constant diligence, training and perfection. Therefore, we have to constantly be in good shape - to learn, to learn new things in order to stay afloat in this topic.

As a result, I have some experience:

  • more than 10 years in the field of web
  • more than 20 years - economics, finance, part-time accounting




PHP - writing scripts, working with composer, connecting external libraries, interacting with the API (linking telegram bots with the site, screwing online payment services, QR payments, SMS mailings, etc.).

MYSQL - database design, connections, triggers (Navicat Premium).

Frameworks and engines (CMS) – CodeIgniter, ImageCMS, WordPress.

Development tools: LAMP (openserver, xampp), GIT, Visual Studio Code.


JS - jquery, ajax,  VUE 3 CLI, Node.js, npm

I understand the implementation of code at the level of promises, web workers, generators, asynchrony in a single-threaded stack on js.

Layout on bootstrap grid or flex (css, sass).

SEO - articles, code optimization, semantic core creation, work with Yandex and Google analytics, usability.

Work with graphics (photoshop, 3d max), advertising Yandex Direct, Google Adwords.

Hosting setup and administration - domains, databases, mail, sgop, etc.

Economics and Finance

  • analysis of accounting data – reports, balance sheet, with the issuance of an independent opinion.
  • financial and economic analysis and forecast of any types of commercial activity - cost calculation, rationing, working capital planning, financial flows, project balance sheet, etc.
  • business planning with the construction of a high-quality business model for short- and long-term evaluation of current and investment activities
  • solving any problems of economics and finance, individual consultations and training

Applying knowledge of economics in combination with web, I can automate certain business processes for specific tasks at the individual level.


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Если у вас есть какая-либо потребность в решении определённой задачи, связанной с экономикой, финансами или web-разработкой     telegram или форма обратной связи


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