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Terms of the transaction

terms of deals

Procedure for registration and purchase of works/services

Services/works on kaktotak.by are presented in two categories: Services and Online service.

The cost of work from the Services section is set individually, depending on the type and its complexity, in accordance with the technical task or brief of the customer.

Payment for transactions from the Services section is carried out through the user's personal page (authorization) according to the invoice previously issued there (Individual Transaction tab) via the "Pay" button.

Payment for services (monthly subscription) from the Online Service section is carried out by clicking the "Buy" button of the appropriate type of calculator.

Then the Customer is redirected to a special secure payment page of the processing system bePaid.

After payment, the access code to the Online service will be sent to the specified email address, which the user will need to enter in the appropriate field of the page of this service for its activation and full use.

In case of registration and authorization of the user, all paid access codes of the relevant services will be displayed directly on his personal page.

Payment acceptance methods on kaktotak.by:

Payment by bank card:

The order number and the payment amount will be indicated on the payment page. To pay, you need to enter your card details and confirm the payment by clicking the "Pay" button.

If your card supports 3-D Secure technology, your system will be asked to go through the standard one-minute verification procedure for the cardholder on the page of your bank (the bank that issued your card).

Bank card payments are made through the electronic payment system bePaid. The payment page of the bePaid system meets all data transfer security requirements (PCI DSS Level 1). All confidential data is stored in encrypted form and is as resistant to hacking as possible. Access to authorization pages is carried out using a protocol that provides secure data transmission on the Internet (SSL/TLS).

Payment via E-POS service (ERIP system)

Payment can be made at the bank's cash desk, mobile banking, Internet banking, infokioske or RUE Belpochta through the ERIP system ("Settlement").

Confirmation of payment for the service is the receipt of the payment aggregator through which the transaction was carried out.

The refund is made to the card from which the payment was made earlier. The period of receipt of funds to the card is from 1 to 30 days from the date of the refund by the Seller.

The condition for the refund of funds for the services of the Online Service section is the failure of the contractor to fulfill its obligations related to any technical failure in the operation of the site or other reasons beyond the control of the customer.

The conditions for the refund of funds for certain types of work (Services section) are specified in the contract with the Customer on an individual basis.

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