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Design and layout

Design and layout

If you need an individual design and layout of your future website, then you are a supporter of unique things in your business, no matter what it is connected with.

I can help you solve this problem by making the design and layout of the site pages according to your sketch / template, which will be equally well displayed on the screen of a computer, tablet, smartphone, automatically adjusting to the size and orientation of the device screen.

The design and layout should take into account all the principles of usability (user convenience) and adaptability of the resource to the maximum, while maintaining a high download speed, which is quite important in its subsequent SEO optimization.

It is not necessary to delve into some things that may be difficult for you related to the development of a technical task, brief, etc. to achieve this goal. It is enough to outline your vision with a regular pencil and a sheet of paper, indicating on it all your preferences in design and the elements to be placed.

If you want to order the design and layout of your website, but you can't decide what exactly you need, I'll tell you.

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