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Crypt is something new for the majority of the population, which, due to its conservatism, is simply afraid to get involved with it. But this happens not because she does not want to own it, but because she does not understand (taking into account the complex terminology of blockchain technology) how it all works and works, namely:

  • where and how to safely buy a crypt for fiat money
  • how and where to store it safely
  • how to exchange it back for fiat

Everyone understands perfectly well that today cryptocurrency is already a real liquid asset (such as stocks, gold, etc.), officially recognized in many countries as a legal tender, and which in a long time can ensure the safety of hard-earned, relative to today's inflationary fiat money.

If you want to understand this industry in an accessible form for yourself and understand how to buy your first bitcoin (Satoshi) and get full transaction support from buying a cold crypto wallet, registering on the exchange, buying cryptocurrency and transferring it to your wallet for safe storage for a long time, I can advise and assist.

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