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If you decide to sell goods or services through your website, you will definitely face the need to improve the quality of your business by organizing the possibility of accepting online payments on it.

Today, any modern online store has such an opportunity.

Why is online payment relevant for business today?

  • It is comfortable for your customers/clients. There is an expanded range of payment options (accepting payments via bank acquiring by cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Yandex Pay, through the ERIP system, E-POS and the PAY application)
  • It's prompt for you (quick receipts)
  • A convenient system for managing this process (personal account, the ability to issue invoices online, keep payment statistics, etc.)

The implementation of this task is to organize and programmatically configure the interaction of the client's site with the external API of the aggregator.

If you want to order or are interested in connecting online payments to your website, but can't decide what exactly you need, I'll tell you.


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