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Restriction of American investments in China – risks for investors

Restriction of American investments in China – risks for investors

It's no secret that almost the entire basis of China's technological development is built on American stuffing.

Among other things, the high dependence of the Chinese economy on the American economy against the background of China's inflexibility to the United States in solving its interests in global geopolitics pushes the latter to establish unprecedented restrictions on their investments in China.

According to the American conglomerate, these measures will help to restrain the technological and military development of China.

The most likely limitations:

  • prohibition of any investments by individuals and legal entities in Chinese companies
  • prohibition of US high-tech companies to cooperate with China in key sectors, in particular in microelectronics

However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that making such decisions for the American economy is fraught with not the best prospects, given the recession that is already rolling in for it.

The total amount of investments in China in recent years (since 1992) has amounted to more than 2.3 trillion US dollars (180,000 transactions of which are invested in stocks in China and Hong Kong), which indicates the high dependence of the US economy on China.

Due to the current geopolitical situation and the sentiments of the US administration towards China, investors are now seeking to reduce their risks in China, assessing the real consequences for their "survival".

The same European Union, with its balancing economy, is assessing these consequences for itself, which is being pushed by the states to take similar measures.

Also, in addition to "adding fuel to the fire" by the United States, investors are significantly concerned about the current direction of the Chinese leadership itself against the background of ongoing geopolitical tensions.

Restriction of American investments in China – risks for investors - Something like that!

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