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Why many states prohibit and do not recognize the crypt - what is the danger

Why many states prohibit and do not recognize the crypt - what is the danger

The answer is simple - it is liquid (in demand), but not controlled by them.

No state will ever allow creating a competitive field for its monetary unit, because this undermines confidence in the former, plus budget losses from the reorientation of cash flows.

Why is it liquid ? That's why those in the world who think about it, and these are by no means poor people / companies who understand the prospects of all this cuisine, gradually redirect all their assets to the crypt. It is also necessary to understand that there is not only an exchange turnover of these assets, according to which its market value is determined, but also an over-the-counter one, where these points are not taken into account.

In order for the crypt to be recognized by the public administration system, intelligent programmers need to write on it blockchain is a service that can really solve public issues, and people can't go anywhere without it. And the state, first of all, is the interests of society!

Material goods will not go anywhere, a person will not be able to live without them, but the system of their maintenance is crypt topic. These are financial and contractual relationships (payments, debts, offsets, etc.). At the social level, this means, for example, that a retired grandmother is deprived of unnecessary worries related to receiving a pension, paying for utilities, medical services, and purchasing goods for her own consumption, which are especially difficult to access (and not only for a grandmother).

That's when the crypt will not just be recognized, and there will be a transformation of the national monetary unit into the token, the calculations of which will be carried out directly within the framework of this blockchain, while maintaining state control.

Therefore, the desire of any state to create its own digital currency is absolutely understandable. But it should not just be a fashionable kind of money, but a means of payment that solves, among other things, specific public issues (such as, for example, the same ETH).

Maybe this is all done behind the scenes, it's just that many people don't know this, and why would anyone know about it. The time will come, they will find out! But the value system will be different.

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