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The popularity of ChatGPT provoked the growth of shares of Chinese high-tech companies

The popularity of ChatGPT provoked the growth of shares of Chinese high-tech companies

Recently, the ChatGPT neural network technology, which is still known to few people, has begun to gain popularity around the world at a rapid pace.

The concept of ChatGPT is the ability to solve multidisciplinary user tasks from different areas of public life, which distinguishes it from other types of neural networks.

In simple terms, it is a program in the form of a chat interface built on a dialogue with the user and giving him complete and detailed answers (information) to the maximum solving his tasks, be it programming, poetry, finance, technology, etc.

ChatGPT was created by the American company OpenAI, which develops and licenses technologies based on machine learning. One of the founders is the famous businessman Elon Musk. The chatbot was built on the language model from OpenAI GPT-3.5, an improved version of the GPT-3 model.

Reuters reported that since the beginning of 2023, the audience of active ChatGPT users in the world has reached more than 100 million people.

Against the background of the growing popularity of ChatGPT, Chinese high-tech companies do not stay away from this topic and seek to adopt this technology for releasing something similar of their own.

So the quotes of the Chinese company Deep Glint Technology at the beginning of this month increased in value by 15% (over the last reporting month by more than 60%). Hanwang Technology's securities have grown by 40% over the same period.

The growth of the shares of high-tech companies in China reflects the increased demand for the topic of artificial intelligence.

However, all this can quickly "cool down" if the implementation of this technology is not supported by significant progress on the part of the business.

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