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The stakes are rising - Russia is «burning» the last bridges for gas supply to Europe

The stakes are rising - Russia is «burning» the last bridges for gas supply to Europe

The main engine of the EU economy, Germany, last week took a predictable step towards diversifying its channels for the supply of energy resources, in particular natural gas.

These circumstances still indicate the absence of compromise solutions between Russia and the European Union, and the burning of the last bridges to supply gas to Europe, and most likely for a long time.

During his visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), German Chancellor Olaf Scholz signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of energy security and industrial development. A contract for the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been signedbetween Abu Dhabi National Oil Company and the German company RWE until the end of 2022.

The Scholz program is based on visits not only to the UAE, but also to other countries of the Persian Gulf, in order to diversify and conclude new agreements for the provision of energy resources, as well as the development of cooperation in the scientific and technical sphere.

For Russia, the stakes are rising, the risks are growing. In order to redistribute its released volumes to the markets of the East Asian region (India, China, etc.) and replace existing suppliers with them, the Russian Federation will have to motivate potential consumers with an even greater discount in the conditions of a strong ruble and complain about the preservation of "sky-high" market prices for energy resources to maintain the profitability of its business.

The stakes are rising - Russia is burning the last bridges to supply gas to Europe Somehow!

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